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Back Pain Clinic

Steps to Take Before Visiting Our Back Pain Clinic

If you have injured your back, schedule an appointment with our back pain clinic right away. The sooner we are able to treat you, the fewer symptoms you will have. While, waiting to come into the office there are several things you can do at home to give your back first aid. Some of these may also be done on an ongoing basis to help your back feel better and reduce the pain caused by your accident.Before you do anything, it is important to evaluate the situation surrounding your accident. In a car wreck, for example, bones may have become...

What to Expect When Visiting a Back Pain Clinic

If you are in pain, visit our back pain clinic.  Living with pain is unnecessary when there are so many treatments that can address the root cause.  A chiropractor doesn’t simply evaluate and treat the symptoms, like medical doctors tend to do.  Chiropractors identify what is causing the pain and work to correct it so that the pain will stop permanently.  While treatments may take time, patients will receive both immediate and long term relief.We offer a variety of cutting edge treatments that can help to reduce pain immediately and speed up the healing process.  These include:Interferential Electro-Therapy.  Dr....